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  • Immigrate to Quebec Achieve Life Projects
  • Integration of newcomers Adapt to a New Environment

About Phoenix GMI

International Recruitment and Immigration Services Helping People Achieve their Life Projects

We help people reach their professional and personal life projects, connecting people with a common vision to build mutually rewarding relationships.

Our intercultural projects are a success, thanks to our hard work and innovative methods.

Immigration in quebec


Service de recrutement

Personalized International Recruitment Service

We are dedicated to the specific situations of our customers. We identify their needs, offer tailor-made services, and provide follow-up. During recruitment, we operate with one company at a time.

Maitrise des stratégies d’immigration

Mastery of Immigration Strategies

Our in-depth expertise in immigration allows us to identify the avenues for success in immigration cases very early in the process. We are recognized for our talent in resolving delicate situations.

Equipe creative specialisee en recrutement international

Creative Team Specializing in International Recruitment

Our recruitment and immigration teams work together to find a match between the needs of the company, the candidate, and the requirements of the 4 ministries involved. This results in shorter deadlines and less uncertainty.

Procédure d’immigration rigoureuse

Rigorous Immigration Procedure

Our recruitment and immigration procedures are rigorous. Our teams are meticulous, and we have 4 levels of verification of your files to guarantee high eligibility rates.

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Our Services

International Recruitment

We supply pre-qualified candidates. Their knowledge, training and interpersonal skills are compatible with local businesses, and with their plans for life in Quebec and Canada.


We help candidates who want to successfully achieve their life projects, despite the intricacies of immigration laws.


We provide newcomers with guidance so they can adapt to daily life, their new job, and have a rewarding social life.

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Throughout the year we share relevant information with you, giving our opinions on economic immigration strategies.

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