International recruitment in Quebec, knowing the issues

Posted by: Selin Deravedisyan

Do you know the rules of immigration in Quebec to start your international recruitment?


How to start your international recruitment in Quebec, a springboard to success

Unfortunately, it happens too often that uninformed employers have bad experiences with international recruitment in Quebec.

Indeed, if the employer is not aware of the rules of international recruitment in Quebec, he or she is led to believe that the immigration process will come into play only after the recruitment procedures. This is why some employers put a lot of effort and invest a lot of time and money to identify workers capable of meeting their labour needs and thus supporting their production, without having taken into account the immigration rules.

However, once the selection is made, it becomes very difficult to ensure that the immigration process will work. Worse, by doing so, the employer does not respect the rules instituted by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and finally, in this kind of situation, the government’s refusals are frequent.

We let you imagine the disappointment and frustration of employers who come to us for support in the hope that we can improve their situation. It is as important for the employers as it is for the employees, they thought they were recruiting and who were hoping for a future change in their lives.

However, this does not have to be the case. At Phoenix GMI, our international recruitment procedures include immigration strategies from the beginning of the mandate.


Knowing the rules of immigration in Quebec to succeed in international recruitment

Since immigration rules are strict and vary depending on the type of position sought, it is best to be well informed or to rely on an international recruitment firm such as ours, which is competent and considers your company’s values.

Here are the essential steps to know when it comes to attracting foreign talent that will help you meet your production challenges.


Diagnosis of the position to be filled by temporary foreign workers

To begin with, it is extremely important to make a diagnosis of the company’s needs and the profiles of the positions to be filled. At Phoenix GMI, all our mandates begin with a precise analysis of your needs, those of your company, the position profile and your corporate culture.

This allows us to evaluate the different scenarios available to you. And given our knowledge of work permit categories and related procedures, we are able to put in place a strategy for you by ensuring that the job profile is optimal, and that it allows you to recruit the best profiles of candidates, those able to come and settle in Quebec and support your production over the long term.


Determining the worker profile

Profiling the position is the first and most important step because it defines the following steps. It will help us determine the best immigration strategy for your company.

We are also interested in knowing your company’s values because we want to ensure that we are screening candidates for you who fit in with both your company and the community in which your company thrives.


Establish the work permit category for an optimized international recruitment in Quebec

Based on the worker’s profile, the type of work permit is identified. Unless exempted, you will have to apply for an EIMT-CAQ, and then you may or may not need to post the position beforehand.

You will understand that if you have already selected the ideal employees, but skipped the previous steps, it will be very difficult to match the job profile with the work permit category and the profile of your candidate.


Writing the job offer to recruit internationally

This step is crucial because it ensures that your job profile matches the requirements of the ministries for the category of work permit to which you are applying. This step allows the government to validate that the person you are recruiting corresponds to the advertised needs for which you are requesting a work permit.


The EIMT-CAQ for a good international recruitment from Quebec

This procedure is certainly one of the best known to employers of temporary foreign workers (at least in name). Depending on your immigration strategy, you may not need to apply for an EIMT-CAQ, and you will save precious time. This is why it is important to have a good diagnosis beforehand, to evaluate the best options for you.

The EIMT-CAQ consists of proving that your company, by seeking temporary foreign workers, does not affect the Quebec labor market in any way, which amounts to proving that you do not have a workforce available in Quebec to fill the positions for which you are recruiting.

At Phoenix GMI, we are accustomed to assisting companies with international recruitments that include EIMT-CAQ and we excel at filling them out in a way that greatly facilitates their acceptance by the government.

Work permit application

Finally, once the previous steps have been completed, it is time to take care of the most important step of the process! This is the application for a work permit. Depending on the predefined immigration strategy, you will be able to apply for the one that suits you.

Some work permits have an exemption from the EIMT-CAQ. For example, under the IEC (International Experience Canada), which includes young professionals and intra-company exchanges, it is possible to go directly to the work permit without going through the previous steps but making sure to submit a job offer on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) employer portal.

The work permit application is to be sent to IRCC and is the key to getting your future temporary foreign workers to join your company.

Meticulous verifications

All of these steps are subject to strict government regulations in order to control international recruitment in Quebec while protecting the job market. The information you provide must be extremely consistent in order to be accepted by the government, and consequently, thorough verifications are required at each step.

Indeed, the job title, the NOC (National Occupational Classification), the proposed average salary are examples of information that are examined in detail by the government immigration authorities.

If you find the task too daunting, we invite you to rely on us. We specialize in implementing strategies that optimize processing times and in careful and rigorous case management.

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Author: Selin Deravedisyan