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How do Phoenix GMI international recruitment missions work?

You identify the candidates who will best support your company’s production. We take care of all the other aspects.

How your international recruitment process benefits from Phoenix GMI’s involvement

After diagnosing the issues and their impact on your company’s production, we establish a strategic recruitment plan with your HR department to define the parameters of your international recruitment mission. We set up a flexible structure adapted to your mission, and our team is completely and uniquely dedicated to your business.

The process is simple and efficient. You focus on selecting the candidates, while we take care of all the logistics and immigration steps for the international recruitment process.

Ce qui distingue phoenix GMI
Ce qui distingue phoenix GMI

Recrutement international déroulement d'une mission avec Phoenix GMI

Mission de recrutement international à l’Ile de la Réunion, par Phoenix GMI

International recruitment missions abroad

Once we complete the preselection, we guide you through a recruitment pool based on your values ​​and technical requirements.

Our team takes care of all your travel arrangements and candidate recruitment, assisting you every step of the way. We are entirely committed to your business and selecting your future temporary foreign workers.

You will discover the environment where your future temporary foreign workers live, and get to know them in authentic conditions.

You can also attend the technical tests that help you identify which candidates best meet your production challenges.

Virtual international recruitment missions

Do you have travel restrictions? We offer virtual recruitment missions at all times. Interviews with candidates are held online and our service is equally as committed to you as in person. Our various formulas even allow you to follow the technical evaluations remotely.

We help you prepare for meetings and organize interviews for you, which can be assisted by a translator if necessary. A debriefing session takes place after each candidate selection to help you make informed decisions.

Do you want to see how our missions work, step by step? Take a look at the pictures!

What happens after the international recruitment mission

Once you have chosen the candidates for your production challenges in Quebec, we immediately initiate the immigration process so you can welcome them as soon as possible. We also help you prepare for their arrival and integration.

Les étapes suivant une mission de recrutement international
Les étapes suivant une mission de recrutement international