Where do our Candidates come from?



Colombia was the first country where our company mobilized to recruit highly qualified workers.  We have established agreements with the local authorities that allow us to fill all types of positions, from computer specialists, welders, machinists, mechanics, cooks… to day laborers. It is important to note that Colombians have a great facility to become French.

But, we do not limit ourselves only to Colombia! We have also applied the same modus operandi in South America with Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina…

New francophone

countries s


By listening to our customers who always want more, we have also opened the doors of Europe and the Maghreb to look for French-speaking staff. Today, we recruit in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia and Madagascar.

We always use the same operating mode on the quality of selection, while respecting the human aspect of the employees that you will welcome in your company.