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Where does our pool of candidates come from?

Over the years, we have developed our own recruitment pools. We help you choose your candidates based on their strengths and specific professional skills.

Recruitment Pools in South American Countries

South America was the first area where Phoenix GMI was able to recruit highly qualified workers with a great capacity for integration and francization. We have established agreements with local authorities that allow us to fill all types of positions.

Our recruitment missions take place mainly in Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, and Brazil.

Bassin d'emploi Pays Francophones
Bassin d'emploi Pays Anglophones

Recruitment pools in francophone countries

To meet the needs of Quebec employers who are looking for French-speaking foreign workers on a temporary basis, we have extended our reach to Europe. We now recruit French and Belgian workers, as well as French-speaking citizens from other countries with the right to work and stay in Europe. We recruit from mainland France, Reunion Island, and Belgium.

Recruitment pool in anglophone countries

We recruit workers such as post-Brexit IT profiles in the United Kingdom and the Philippines, where workers have specific skills that are highly valued in Quebec.

English-speaking countries employment area
Comment choisir son bassin d'emploi?
Comment choisir son bassin d'emploi?

Recruitment pool operated by Phoenix GMI to recruit foreign workers in Quebec


How to choose your employment pool

Your choice of recruitment pool will have an impact on your business’s performance. The first question we ask you is why you want to integrate new candidates.

Secondly, you should consider training: the quality and level of training in relation to the skills you require. Depending on which sectors you are recruiting for – manufacturing, construction, healthcare, catering or information technology – we recommend the appropriate employment pools.

The candidate’s culture of origin will have a direct impact on a worker’s integration, your production, the retention of your existing employees, and the foreign workers you recruit.

As for language, it is better to recruit candidates who are ready to quickly learn about the business, even if they haven’t fully mastered the vocabulary. This is why Phoenix GMI offers a training process that starts as soon as the recruitment process begins.

Depending on the region and the labour market, the length of the immigration process can vary by several months.